Angustos AVW4-1632 – VIDEO WALL CONTROLLER 16 x 32 / 8 x 36 Cross Screens Video Wall

Angustos AVW4-1632 – VIDEO WALL CONTROLLER 16 x 32 / 8 x 36 Cross Screens Video Wall





FPGA Dedicated Chipset

Dedicated Field Programmable Gate Arrray (FPGA) chipset is a combination of processing unit that dedicated in video processing. This eliminated the limitation of a CPU or a GPU from conventional Software or PC controller.

Without the use of PCI – Express card, the unit can work flawlessly when adding or editing the total layout of the videowall set up. As each of the FPGA chip is working independently, user can replace or add new input / output card without turning off the whole chassis.

Module design with Hot Swap

Multiple form of connections for client to custom fit their system. Client can now combine HDMI – DVI – VGA – HDBaseT – IP Streaming in one total solution, maximizing system intergration.

Reduce the total cost of investment in both pre & post phase of expansion. Chassis also support control multiple videowalls, further simplify the complexity of connections and management.

Hybrid I/O Slot

Advance FPGA chip allow Angustos Video Wall Controller chassis to set up flexible input / output slot. Hybrid I/O Slot can be both Input or Output slot

The main features:

  • Pure Hardware Structure – FPGA
  • Modular Design – Hot swap
  • Seamless Switching – Auto EDID -5ms
  • Bezel Compensation with Scaler
  • Multiple users / rights management
  • Character Superimposition, Scrolling Text (Opt)
  • Background Image (Optional)
  • Multiple video wall management – Up to 4
  • Signal preview (Optional)
  • Support Redundant Power Supply (Opt)
Angustos AVW4-1632 Specification
Angustos AVW4-1632 Specification
Angustos AVW4-1632 Connection Diagram
Angustos AVW4-1632 Connection Diagram

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