Angustos AID-386DG – 86 Inch DLED Interactive Display

Angustos AID-386DG – 86 Inch DLED Interactive Display




ANGUSTOS Interactive Display 

Angustos Interactive displays are designed to work into the growing dynamic possibilities of the modern meeting room and classroom. We seek to help businesses develop and maintain an environment where ideas flow freely.
It allows for extended, seamless teamwork collaboration, stimulating more innovative ideas from students. Pushing up collaboration between people, turning their creativities from abstract to real.

Crystal Gaze™: 4K UHD Interactive display and wide viewing angle, you can comfortably see details displayed at every angle. Eye protection screen design will reduce visual fatigue from pro-longed watch time.

Powerful but easy to use: Built-in speaker, microphone(optional), HD camera (optional), shorten the distance with your audiences in your online classroom and meeting room with impressive Interactive IR-touch technology, smooth
touch writing experience, complex object recognition.

ANGUSTOS Interactive Display 

  • Media – Telecom – Broadcast
  • Education – Training
  • Manufacturing – Quality Control
  • Retail – Advertising
  • Meeting Room – Conference
  • Healthcare visual system
  • Entertainment
  • Government – Control Room
  • Android 11.0 smart operating system and unique 4K UI interface.
  • 4-core 64-bit high-performance CPU, 4×CA55 architecture, max. clock 1.9GHz
  • Ultra-narrow frame design, frosted frame material.
  • Front detachable high-precision infrared touch frame.
  • Touch accuracy reaches ±1mm
  • Touch height 1.0mm, 20 touch points, high sensitivity.
  • Support OPS interface, expandable dual systems,
  • USB 3.0 windows interface, USB 2.0 supports dual sharing.
  • Support arbitrary rotation of 90 degrees and 270 degree.
  • USB permission (External) with password support.
  • Multi-clock power management mode, energy saving.
  • Multiple scurity settings. With application lock and screen lock.
  • Supports self-inspection without PC connection.
  • Detecting APK, support detection network, RTC, temperature, light sensor, touch, system memory, OPS and other modules.
  • 4K UHD writing whiteboard, handwriting with delicated strokes.
  • Support apps with high-performance writing single-point & multi-point writing,double-pen writing, unlimited color palettes, inserting pictures, adding pages.
  • Zoom in, zoom out, roaming, scanning code to share in LAN. Annotation function is available in all channels.
  • Anti-glare and explosion-proof tempered glass, Mohs hardness level 7.
  • Built-in WPS, 2.4G/5G dual-band wireless, dual network card with Hot Spot.
  • Support multi-channel wireless share presentation with mirroring anti-control, video & music & document sharing.
  • The external input signal source automatically connect
  • Crystal Gaze™ image processing engine: image motion compensation, color enhancement processing
  • Point-to-point fine display technology.
  • Intelligent gesture, five fingers supported
  • Sidebar buttons and gestures for voter, timer, screen capture, child lock, screen recording, photo taking, touch sensing, smart eye protection.

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