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Angustos Interactive displays are designed to work into the growing dynamic possibilities of the modern meeting room and classroom. We seek to help businesses develop and maintain an environment where ideas flow freely. It allows for extended, seamless teamwork collaboration, stimulating more innovative ideas from students. Pushing up collaboration between people, turning their creativities from abstract to real.


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Prospek Vinet Cemerlang has a new product Made in America USA

2021 we officially become distributors of Angustos made in the USA and Taiwan which focuses on Data Center solutions, Command Centers, Meeting Rooms, Conference Calls, Teaching and learning activities, Event activities, Webinars and even the industry in helping operators.



PVC is everything you need to create an awesome system!

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Angustos Product E Catalog LKPP
PT. Prospek Vinet Cemerlang are a Distributor of Angustos Products, KVM, Pro AV, Video Wall Controller, Video Wall Display, TV Interactive and IT Solution, registered as a Reseller on the LKPP eCatalogue, an electronic procurement platform used by the Indonesian government.

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Security System Solution
A system designed to alert the user about an event, using a couple of component or security devices to prevent, to monitor, to protect and to guarantee that any unused resources will not be used or modified by iresponsible people, including technical problem, managerial, legal and politics.
Data Center Solution
Every company needs strong infrastructure to achieve competitive edge. We can provide support and solution in technology and flexibility which are needed to maximize yout business also provide proper expert to manage data center operation effectively.
Command Center Solution
A service room or needed facility to provide information center, organize and appropriate decision making in response to important event. Command Center has a monitoring system that can be controlled and collaborated remotely, scalability, real time data streaming, video wall solution which is determined by software.Our solution make it possible for you to connect integrated data center and various data center and interactivity.

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We are dedicated to having technical knowledge in various Meeting Room, Media Room, Server Room, Data Center and NOC Solution solutions.

We are confirmed to set international standards. We can provide customers with a complete solution. Our services cover even from small to medium businesses even factories, industrial, military, government & headquarters or personal use.

Angustos Pro AV, Video Wall, KVM Solutions
Video Wall Controller, Edge Blending Controller, KVM, Video
IT Infrastructure & Datacenter Solutions
Server, Network, Rack
Security Solutions
CCTV, Access Control, Attendants Machine, Artificial Intelligence, Video Management System
Audio Extractor
Audio Extender, HDBaseT, Analog, Digital

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FAQ about Command Center

A place or location to provide prompt command, coordination, and decision making in support of or response to important events

The software of Command Center has several multifunctions according to needs. The software used for the video monitoring system is Luxriot Evos and Luxriot Face Recognition as management and configuration software.

The Command Center software is configured on an On-premise Data Center within the Command Center room, integrated with Active Directory, and available 7/24 uptime. Each LCD Video Wall can display the Crucial area in each Branch which has been integrated with the Command Center. Disaster Backup is available at the Command Center specifically for Crucial areas (Vault, Banking Hall, Teller) so as to minimize crashes or data corruption.

The Video Management System software can be accessed via an application on a PC, mobile phone or tablet using normal credentials. The Video Management System software can be accessed anywhere, provided that the device is connected to the internet.

The Command Center can help with activities or notifications that can be communicated directly to the relevant location. Minimizing the occurrence of downtime on CCTV devices as well as the occurrence of vandalism / crimes that occur on location.

FAQ about KVM

KVM switches are used to connect users to their computers. There are many types of switches to meet a wide variety of customer needs, but choosing the best kvm switches can be a challenge. Here are the major questions to consider:

  1. How many users and computers are there?
  2. What are the distances between the users and the computers?
  3. What type of cabling (or network) will connect the users and computers?
  4. Any special needs such as 4K video, high performance KVM or protecting classified information?

If you want point-to-point access to a single computer, then look into KVM Extension.

If you have a few computers in close proximity, then a Desktop Switch may be right for you.

If you have a smaller server room or rack within close proximity to the users, then look into a KVM Matrix Switch.

KVM-over-IP Switches provide flexible, local and multi-user IP access of 8 to 64 computers, that scales to thousands of computers.

For 4K, broadcast, video or dynamic applications consider a high performance KVM switch.

Flexbile Connection UX Series KVM Switch provide both Extending and Flexible Connection.Support PC / Servers with VGA – HDMI – DVI and Display Port Video Connection.

Fast and Reliable Respond time between switching is under 20ms. User can use multiple ways to switch between computer using hot-key , buttons or OSD menu.

Secure over IP Expand local distant between users and computer up to 40m at local site.Secure TCP/IP connection between Over IP user console to Computer via Internet

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